Paint your Headphones / Green (original unfinished)

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Episode notes

So this is the last episode.

It was never finished... and the credits were lost unto a dodgy external hard drive...

What is here is from memory....

Obviously the website no longer exists but if you have any questions just ask on twitter @listenincolour


Dr Pencil - feat Rob Tofield

Kai Motta - King of Bling

Hulk Residence - Feat Colin Leggo, Tom Shaw and Gemma Rigg

Suicide Bomber in your heart - Unknown

The James Blunt Story - Written, starring and produced by Russell Newlove

IKO - Hologram

Geordies of the Antartic - written by Matt Bazell, starring Colin Leggo and Rob Tofield

Poor Man's Cab? Unknown

And then it ends.

Produced by Ant McGinley