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Episode notes

There is no host. There are no adverts. There are only sounds. And swear words.

Paint Your Headphones was a showcase of new comic talent, actors, and musicians, using a Podcast to gain exposure at a time before facebook when UK radio opportunities were limited. Made throughout 2005 and 2006 it was only previously available on a handful of platforms including Myspace, it has finally been given a full release.

Written and produced by many, but mostly Ant McGinley, Jim Salveson, James Oxley, Matthew Bazell, Rob Tofield, Colin Leggo, Melissa Lovett, Becky Shorrocks and more.

Featuring the music of amazing unsigned musicians at the time including: Kai Motta, Venkman Heist, Lucid, No Standards.

All rights retained by the copyright holders within, each performer and their material appears with their kind and full permission as of 2005.

Copyright Ant McGinley 2005 - 2020