Passport / Bonus: Manson Conspiracy Theories, More Monsters of Greenland, and Extra Kpop!

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Episode notes

This week we’re pulling from the vault. Some of the greatest moments that didn’t make the show, including some wild Charles Manson theories, more terrifying monsters from Greenland, and an extended interview with Koki from EXP Edition. First, Duke Haney takes us back to the Manson murders in LA to deliver a couple of theories about what Charles Manson did after the Sharon Tate and Cielo Drive murders, including leaving a very important pair of eyeglasses.  Then, Maria Kreutzmann gives us her top 5 monsters of Greenland. All of them, truly terrifying and awe inspiring.  And finally, we’re going back to Seoul to learn more about Kpop and get some insight from the inside with Koki, the star of EXP Edition. Plus every great love story starts with a “meet-cute” Neil and Andrés share theirs.  

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