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Does graphic design really matter for a podcast?

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Episode notes

You might be forgiven for thinking that as it's audio-based, the graphic design of a podcast isn't all that important.

But in reality, that's some way from the truth.

In most cases, the first thing listeners will experience of your show is how it looks, before they hear even a second of it.

James and Ellie are joined by designer George Lodwick to explore an important area for every podcaster, and get some hints and tips too.

We look at issues like:

  • Is it OK to use Canva for your podcast designs?
  • What elements are important on your cover art and episode images?
  • Why do you need to think about a sugar cube when considering cover art design?
  • Do I need to hire a photographer?
  • Does a podcast need a logo or can it actually be hindrance?

And lots lots more besides - you'll get some interesting ideas you might not have considered.

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