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112: Using Pod Swaps to Grow Your Network with Diann Wingert

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Diann Wingert is a business mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. During her previous 20+ year career as a licensed psychotherapist, she worked with hundreds of ambitious women who struggled to achieve the success they desired. After realizing that psychotherapy was not the answer, Diann trained and certified as a coach to shift the conversation from problems to possibilities.

Diann is an expert on the intersection between mindset, mental health, and entrepreneurship and is committed to helping others make an income while making an impact. When she is not coaching, Diann can be found exploring her newly adopted city of Portland, OR with rescue chihuahuas and her German-born husband. Diann is a coffee lover, Peloton enthusiast, and host of The Driven Woman Podcast.

In this episode, Diann shares how she utilizes client success stories on her podcast, what she means when she uses the term “pod swaps”, how she determines which podcasters she wants to collaborate with, how she initiates the process of a pod swap; including a highly effective and vastly underutilized strategy, how long she nurtures a relationship before pitching a pod swap and how the length of time varies between Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, why she feels it’s worth it to spend a good amount of time researching potential guests before reaching out to them with the idea of a pod swap, what her follow-up process is like after she records the pod swaps so that she can continue fostering the relationship, the strategy of recording one interview and using it on both podcasters shows, her advice for streamlining the pod swap process so even a one-person team can do it, and more!


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