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116: Energetically Aligning with Your Podcast with Emily K Thomas

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Episode notes

Emily K Thomas is an energetic advisor and founder of Aligned Energetics. In her work, she advises high-performance entrepreneurs to lead with conviction & hire, launch, and scale with complete confidence. She’s passionate about helping her clients harness the power of their unique energetic framework to mitigate risk and achieve their financial intentions. She is the host of the Live Your Light Podcast and the founder and designer of Sundari Swim, an eco-conscious, body-love swimwear brand and her mission is to help entrepreneurs build a business that fuels their lifestyle.

In this episode, we chat about what the term “aligned energetic” means, how being energetically aligned can help with making decisions for your podcast, how it’s okay to break from the typical format when it comes to your podcast, the changes she made to her own podcast once she started focusing on aligned energetics, the importance of being selective with your podcast guests, why she requires all of her guests to do a “connection call” with her before being on her show, how she handles it if the connection call makes it clear the guest isn’t energetically aligned with her podcast, her advice for energetically aligning with your podcast, and more.


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