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114: Overcoming Your Podcasting Fears

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Episode notes

Over the past several years of helping coaches and consultants just like you with their podcast launches, I've noticed some common blocks, anxieties, and fears that come up frequently during that process. It's those fears that I want to discuss today to hopefully help you overcome if you're experiencing any of them yourself.

The fears/anxieties mentioned in this episode:

  • Feeling overwhelmed or intimidated by the process and/or technology to the point where it stops you from getting started
  • Thinking everything needs to be absolutely perfect before you can officially launch the show (sometimes presents itself as making constant changes/tweaks or not being able to commit to certain decisions)
  • Worrying that no one will even listen to the show
  • Worrying that it will be a waste of time and/or money
  • Being afraid of getting negative reviews or feedback
  • Worrying that you won't be able to find enough guests to keep the show going


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