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113: Podcasting from Love, Not Fear with Finka Jerkovic

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Episode notes

Finka Jerkovic is an author, international speaker, workshop leader and coach. As President of FINKA Communications Inc., she consults with clients in areas of personal branding, leadership, sales, client experience and employee engagement. She brings over two decades of experience in corporate Canada in the financial services industry, with an expertise in sales, leadership, communication, and coaching. Finka believes when you bring authentic leadership and a mission-based mindset to business, you can achieve inner fulfillment, outer success and leave a transformational impact. Her book Sell From Love: Love Yourself, Love your Client, Love your Offer released November 2020, hit Amazon’s #1 Best Seller List and was listed as a Hot New Release. She lives in Canada with her husband and daughter on their 85-acre nature oasis, where you'll find them living a farm-to-table lifestyle, brewing up essential oil blends from their lavender field, riding horses, and beekeeping.

In this episode, Finka shares why it took her three years to finally launch her podcast even though she knew how beneficial it would be for her business, how her fears around podcasting turned her into a perfectionist, why starting a podcast is an important task even if it may not seem like an urgent one, how her podcast helped her gain clarity of her voice and messaging, why she recommends going to the edge of your comfort zone when starting a podcast rather than outside of it, why she doesn’t want someone starting a podcast if they’re not committed to doing to it for at least a 12-18 months, and more.


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