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Paving the way - the role of standards in facilitating recycled content in roads

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Episode notes

In this episode of Set the Standard, Shannen Brown is joined by Suzanne Toumbourou, CEO of the Australian Council of Recycling, Steve Morriss founder and Head of Circular Economy at Close of the Loop and

Stephanie Groves, Strategic Initiatives Officer and Circular Economy lead at Standards Australia. Together, they celebrate the launch of the joint Standards Australia and ACOR report, “Standards to Facilitate the Use of Recycled Material in Road Construction”.

We delve into the benefits, barriers, and opportunities surrounding the increased use of recycled content in roads. We discuss the importance of education on recycled materials, the need for nationally harmonising inconsistencies across state-level specifications, and the crucial role of collaboration in driving this process.

Tune in to this insightful conversation that explores how standards can pave the way for a more sustainable future in Australia.


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