Set the Standard with Shannen Brown

Building a global Quantum Industry: Explaining, Scaling and Standardising Quantum Technologies.

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Episode notes

In this episode Associate Professors’ Nathan Langford and Simon Devitt, co-authors of Standards Australia's Quantum whitepaper series, join our host Shannen Brown, to discuss quantum technology and draw upon some of its most exciting applications, demystifying quantum technology for listeners unfamiliar with this field.

Joined by CEO & Founder of Diraq, Andrew Dzurak and General Manager, Engagement and Communications at Standards Australia, Adam Stingemore, we explore the challenges of achieving quantum at scale and talk about how standards can support quantum scalability while avoiding standardising prematurely.

Our guests also discuss what it will take to achieve Australia's National Quantum Strategy's long-term vision for Australia’s quantum future. And address the importance of keeping up with fast-paced environment in which quantum is developing.

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