Set the Standard with Shannen Brown

The Clash of Generations

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Episode notes

In collaboration with the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), Standards Australia's recorded its first ever live and interactive Set the Standard podcast session during the ISO Annual Meeting hosted by Standards Australia.

Join our host Shannen Brown as she sits down with generational leaders from the standards world to understand how we seize the next generations creative and innovative energy to become a positive voice for change in the standards world. We delve into how we can build bridges between generations, share perspectives and experiences to understand how building and navigate a career and life has evolved over the generations. We speak about new ways to bring the young generation into the standards world and address the challenges in doing so.

 The Clash of Generations episode features a stellar line up of guests including:

  • Philippe Metzger - Secretary-General & CEO, International Electrotechnical Commission
  • Sergio Mujica - Secretary General, International Organization for Standardization
  • Nelson Al Assal Filho - Director of Standardization, ABNT
  • Sarah Brunton - National Technical Officer, Electrical Trades Union
  • Neema Msemwa - Standards Officer, Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS)
  • Matthew Ong - Senior Development Partner, Standards division of Enterprise Singapore

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