Set the Standard with Shannen Brown

AI Concepts, Terminology, and the AI Lifecycle.

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Episode notes

On today's episode, Shannen is joined by Ali Akbari, Member of Standards Australia’s AI committee IT-043, Judy Slatyer, Lead for the CSIRO’s National AI Think Tank and adviser to Data61, Lyria Bennett Moses, Director of the UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation and Soraya Selinger, Strategic Initiatives Manager at Standards Australia for Critical and Emerging Technologies to explore Artificial Intelligence and the significant opportunities it presents for organisations of all sizes.  

We delve into the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, the ability of standards to achieve these benefits and some examples of standards being put into practice. 

The conversation also touches on the role of the Responsible AI Network in promoting safer AI, the work of Standards Australia’s AI committee (IT-043) and ability of trust marks and best practices to adapt to the rapid development in Artificial Intelligence. 

Tune in to hear all about Artificial Intelligence and how collaboration, standards and best practices can ensure the uptake of AI systems is safe and reliable.

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