Set the Standard with Shannen Brown

The Metaverse: Navigating Standards and Risks

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Episode notes

On today's episode I am excited to be joined by Dr Catriona Wallace and Kareen Riley-Takos to deep dive into the Metaverse, a virtual world that enables users to explore new places, interact with others, and experience new things in an immersive digital environment. With the rise of virtual and augmented reality technologies, the idea of a fully immersive virtual world has become more tangible, and excitement around the Metaverse has grown.

Dr Catriona Wallace and Kareen Riley- Takos discuss the readiness of society to embrace the Metaverse into our homes and day-to-day lives, critical aspects that need to be addressed, and the potential risks of an unregulated and unstandardised Metaverse. As it is early days for Standards for the Metaverse, Catriona and Kareen explore where Australia could lead in supporting the safe and reliable deployment of the Metaverse, and the partnerships or collaborations necessary to drive its growth and safe deployment.

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