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Innovating in the Age of Disruption

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Episode notes

Our host Shannen Brown sat down with Mike Wood, the Principal for Telstra’s Electromagnetic Energy (EME) Strategy, Governance and Risk Management program, Kareen Riley-Takos, General Manager of Operations at Standards Australia, and Summer Lamont our Strategic Initiatives Officer to discuss the need for change in how we develop standards to allow new and emerging industries to work within the standards environment, as well as helping us work better in cross-sectoral areas of activity.  

We learn about how standards are developed, why we need to look to expand our current standards development models to embrace new and emerging industries and the risk of not doing so.

Time Stamps:

  • Kareen explains what standards are (01:40-02:04), and Mike discusses why standards matter to industries such as the wireless and telecommunication industry (02:11- 02:41)
  • Karen delves into the current standards development process and why this robust process is well regard (02:51- 03:43)
  • Kareen talks about the pace of change, evolving expectations from industry and the demand for speed to market (03:51-05:06)
  • Kareen discusses the risk of not adapting to meet the industries evolving expectations (05:11-05:49)
  • Mike speaks about the role of IEC TC106 standards, a committee which he chairs in the wireless and telecommunication industry (06:06-08:51)
  • Mike has been involved in the wireless and mobile telecommunications industry for 30 years and delves into the biggest change he has seen in the industry (09:09- 10:05)
  • Mike gives us his views on why the current standards development model is fit for purpose for the wireless and mobile telecommunications (10:48-16:52)
  • Standards Australia recently released a report on the Data and Digital Standards Landscape to map standards across seven key technology areas. Summer discusses what the report sought to do and some of its key findings (17:12- 18:00)
  • One of the key findings from the report was the Australia has low rate of adoption across these 7 key technologies. Summer discusses the failure to adopt international standards and its risk to the Australian community (18:15-19:05)
  • Mike discusses the key risks to industry if we fail to adapt for these new and emerging technologies.(19:36-20:34)

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