Set the Standard with Shannen Brown

The future of Hydrogen and Standards with Dr Alan Finkel.

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Episode notes

Shannen is joined by Dr. Alan Finkel, who was the former chief scientist of Australia from 2016 to 2020, where he led the national electricity market review, the development of the national hydrogen strategy and the panel that advises the Australian government on the 2020 low emissions technologies roadmap. He is currently special Adviser to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technologies, Chair of Australia's Low Emissions Technology Investment Advisory Council, and Chair of Stile Education.

In July 2022 Finkel chaired an international panel of experts in Sydney at the Indo-Pacific Clean Energy Supply Chain Forum.

Shannen is also joined by Adam Stingemore. Adam is Standards Australia's General Manager for Engagement and Communication. Adam leads Standards Australia’s national and international engagement teams, research and strategic initiatives team and design and communications.

Emelia Addo-Appiah also joins Shannen on the podcast. Emelia is a Strategic Manager at Standards Australia where she leads the hydrogen work, advocating for standards development in hydrogen and Standards Australia's role in engaging with industry. Emelia oversees the collaborative work with Government and industry, specifically in highlighting how we apply the standards we develop and build tools and resources to engage standards and industry.

Together we discuss hydrogen and its end use applications. Australia's hydrogen landscape, the role centres can play in the safe and effective upscale of Australia's hydrogen industry, and how Sanders can support Australia's ambition to not only become a global hydrogen player, but also a top three exporter of hydrogen to Asian markets by 2030.

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