All the S**t I've Learned Abroad

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All The S**t I’ve Learned Abroad is an international travel podcast with production spanning the globe. Canadian hosts Steph Paige and Andrea Gillis record remotely between Melbourne, Australia and London, England to bring listeners lessons learned through decades of travelling. Together, the pair have visited almost every exotic location in the world… and some not so exotic. With only the most extreme destinations left unexplored, not by choice, the duo have a wealth of firsthand knowledge to share.

Started with the intention of reconnecting and reliving their favourite travel memories, the podcast soon became a rapidly growing success. Now the podcast can be seen charting highly in over 17 countries and #1 in both Australia and New Zealand. Covering everything from flights, accommodation and destinations to attire, etiquette and scams, the podcast dives deep on anything and everything you should know when taking a trip. The show sports such a vast range of topics that there is quite literally something for everyone. Not only are the episodes’ themes engaging, but Steph and Andrea have an incredible amount of entertaining stories.

The pair are obsessed with getting lost in wondrous foreign lands, exploring new places, soaking in the sights and unique cultures. From volcanic eruptions and exploding buildings to steamy romances and drunken festivities, you’d swear some stories are straight from an action adventure film. Thanks to the bright and bubbly personalities of Steph and Andrea, even the most mundane travel experiences feel like a joy to listen to. Having run for over two years, All The S**t I’ve Learned Abroad still continues to raise the bar each episode — their entertaining and informative discussions won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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