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Tory MP suspended | What's going on with climate targets?

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Conservative MP Mark Menzies has been suspended from the parliamentary party in light of allegations he abused local Tory party funds to pay off "bad people".   

Mark Menzies strongly disputes the claims which also allege he used campaign funds to pay his personal medical bills.   

On the Conservatives' investigation into the claims, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News: "There's further information that the Chief Whip I understand became familiar with yesterday and actions being swiftly taken on the basis of that further information.

"I think it is important to stress that the MP in question here denies the allegations and so on basis of sort of fairness and proper justice, I think it's important to mention that."

On the Sky News Daily, Niall Paterson is joined by political correspondent Darren McCaffrey to analyse how Westminster will cope with another scandal.   

Plus, the Scottish government has come under fire for rowing back on its climate commitments. 
Niall speaks to science correspondent Thomas Moore about the consequences of the government missing eight out of 12 of its annual climate commitments. 

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