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Is banning smoking "unconservative"? 

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'Absolutely nuts' was how former Prime Minister Boris Johnson described Rishi Sunak’s plan to gradually phase out smoking – banning anyone born since the start of 2009 from ever being able to buy cigarettes or tobacco products like vapes.  
Liz Truss, who was also briefly prime minister in-between the two men, is also among some critical of the proposal – which she described as 'profoundly unconservative'.  
Tories are being given a free vote in the Commons – allowing them to vote with their conscience, not necessarily the government.  
But will the policy create a smokefree generation? And what will it mean for Conservative Party ideology?  
Niall Paterson looks at the health implications with Alice Wiseman, vice president of The Association of Directors of Public Health, and the politics of the policy with Sky’s political editor Beth Rigby and Tory peer Lord Frost, who disagrees with the planned legislation.  
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