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155: Successfully Exiting A Family Business After Turning It Around, JV Crum III

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Succession Stories host Laurie Barkman, The Business Transition SherpaⓇ, sits down with JV Crum III, founder of the Conscious Millionaire Institute and Conscious World Foundation Inc.–a global non-profit that trains youth to become conscious leaders.

What happens when you’re asked to join the family business but then discover there are BIG financial challenges? JV shares his experience how he helped turn around a family trucking company and became a millionaire by age 25. He overcame conflicts with his father, improved business performance, and sold to a larger family-owned trucking line, resulting in a transaction that took only three months to close.

In this insightful episode, they dive into the complexities of family businesses, founder-led enterprises, and the unique challenges faced by hired executives. 

Listen in to learn more about:

  • Understanding the importance of aligning personal purpose with business goals to achieve fulfillment and success.

  • Recognizing the impact of family dynamics in business and learning strategies to navigate them effectively.

  • Gaining insights into the process of selling a business, including finding the right buyer and negotiating a successful deal.

  • Embracing a mindset shift towards prioritizing internal growth and mindset development as the key drivers of business success.

  • Discovering the three essential areas of focus for business growth: mindset, strategy, and execution.

Things often happen at the right moment when you least expect it. 

Enjoy this Succession Stories episode about successfully exiting a family business after turning it around with JV Crum III.


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