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151: Avoid Burnout: Top Tips For Entrepreneurial Success, Cesar Quintero

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Succession Stories host Laurie Barkman, The Business Transition Sherpa™, welcomes Cesar Quintero, a serial entrepreneur in the foodservice industry.

At age 24, Cesar moved to Miami given the economic turmoil in Venezuela to pursue his dream of starting a business and helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle by founding Fit2Go - the first corporate healthy meal delivery service in Miami. 

Nearly 10 years later, he launched two new companies: RawBar2Go, the first licensed food boats in Florida, and The Profit Recipe, a coaching firm empowering entrepreneurs to work ON the business and not IN the business by implementing best practices and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). 

With nearly 50 employees at their peak, and $3.5 million in revenue, Cesar was close to burning out. He resented the business because of the lack of time freedom that he felt.

Listen in as Cesar describes his personal journey of rediscovering the passion for his business. Hear how he bounced back by implementing transformative systems and processes; the open book approach to sharing financials with his team, and eventually selling the business to a team member.

Entrepreneur burnout happens more often than you may realize. 75% of entrepreneurs report occasional or frequent burnout.

Enjoy this Succession Stories episode on how to avoid entrepreneur burnout with Cesar Quintero.


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