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148: How to Spot Sales Risk in Your Succession Plan with David Newman

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Succession Stories host Laurie Barkman, The Business Transition Sherpa®, welcomes David Newman, author of the business bestseller "Do It! Marketing" and his new book, "Do It! Selling." He's the founder of the Do It! MBA mentoring program and the host of The Selling Show, a top-rated business podcast. 

Laurie and David discuss his take on how business owners can avoid a common succession pitfall related to sales. It’s called the “Rainmakers Dilemma” and happens when the owner of the business drives the sales process and most of the revenue. 

The risk is that if the owner isn’t there, the business is likely to flatline or decline. To dive deeper on this topic, we've also included a link to an ebook about the Rainmakers Dilemma and what to do about it in the show notes as an additional resource for you. 

Enjoy this Succession Stories episode about avoiding sales succession pitfalls with David Newman.


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