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Season 2 Episode 7 How to do sales without being salesy Martin Drake Founder @ Higher People

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Episode notes

On this week’s Alternative Business Review podcast we have Martin Drake. Martin is the founder of Higher People a recruitment agency owner using tech to help make a more frictionless process, and we don’t even talk about their tech, and podcaster (hence why I talk more) of Is this room free

We got introduced to me following a piece of work that I did with a client, the thing that stood out for me is the way they have tried to enhance the client and candidate experience with the use of video and looking beyond the tried and tested. 

I connected a lot with what Martin said, certainly as I talk to more service-led offerings, the sense of community you need to make appears critical to how you can demonstrate your values and create buy-in to who and what your business is. 

On the pod we discuss 

Building your brand and values 

How do you establish a community 

How do you do sales without being salesy 

and gambling

If you want to connect with Martin you can find him  on LinkedIn or email him on [email protected] 

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Also, if you want to know more on the Simon Sinek Why Theory here is the TED Talk on it

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