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Season 2 Episode 8 How to manage the load of a leader.... Lee Eldridge, Founder @ Cognitive Athlete

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Episode notes

On this week’s podcast we have Lee Eldridge, the Founder and Performance Director of Cognitive Athlete. They are a bespoke human performance coaching company, on a mission to lead elite business executives towards obtaining and sustaining optimal results over the long term. 

I met Lee though another guest on here and what really grabbed me was his views on how Founders load and what you can bring across from the sports world on load injuries into the world of start-ups. 

On this week’s pod we talk about: 
🎙Load management (obviously)
🎙How open are people to feedback 
🎙Resting like a champion
🎙Being present in the washing up 

Additionally, here is the link for the High-Performance Podcast with Johnny Wilkinson & a link to the (very shorty) video of Tom Hanks talking about how it too shall pass…     

If you want more information check out the website here & you can find out more about his Business Dads Pathway here 
Alternatively, you find Lee at LinkedIn or drop him an email at [email protected] 

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