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Season 2 Episode 11 Altered states of Leadership, the use of psilocybin & psychedelics in leading your business... Jennifer Tessler & Stefana Bosse the Co-Founders of Alalaho.

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Episode notes

Welcome to the final episode of The Alternative Business review for this run. 

On this week's episode, we have Jennifer Tessler & Stefana Bosse the Co-Founders of Alalaho. Alalaho is a Company, but I'm hesitant to call it a company as their purpose is to offer a holistic psycho-spiritual approach to personal and societal development. This approach integrates the safe and legal use of psychedelics and other peak states.

In short, psilocybin is part of a broader retreat to look at how you drive your self-development personally and as a business leader. 

When I started this project a year ago I said I wanted to be different, and engage with every view of the mountain. A previous guest approached me on the pod, Paulina Tennar, and she suggested that I should speak with Jennifer & Stefana. 

What has been more interesting for me as I prepped for this is how this challenged some of my preconceptions, and I strongly suggest starting with the book and Netflix series from Mike Pollan. 

The Netflix series is here
You can get the book here

This is a more wide-ranging conversation than we have, I hope you enjoy the journey...

You can find more on Alalaho here