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Season 2 Episode 6 The logic of the emotion to sales Richard Few, Founder & Chief Geek @ Sales Geek

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Episode notes

This episode of The ABR is with Richard Few, Founder & Chief Geek at Sales Geek. 

The OED defines a “Geek” as a person who is very interested in and who knows a lot about a particular subject which is something Richard clearly is, especially about sales. 

Sales Geek was founded with the challenge of changing the way the world perceives sales and make world class sales leadership available for everyone not just large corporations. 

Before setting up Sales Geek Richard was the global sales director for a large North American corporation Sales Geek. 

He saw that there was an opportunity for straight forward support by providing “Your Sales Director” on a fractional basis to small and medium-sized companies.  

On a podcast that probably could, and should have gone on for hours we talk about: 

  • Having to make it 
  • Spotting a niche 
  • How creating values and behaviours lead to brand 
  • Making yourself useful and spending £250k on a free app
  • Realising you’re right at the start 

Dung the pod Richard talks about the Infinite Game by Simon Sinek, you can find the book here or if you have my level of concentration you can find a summary of it here 

If you want to know about Richard or Sales Geek you can find them here 

Sales Geek website 

Richard’s LinkedIn