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Season 2 Episode 9 Captain of the ChuLo Seas.. Steph Buttery, Founder of ChuLo

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Episode notes

On this week’s podcast we have Steph Buttery from ChuLo. 

Steph is genuinely fascinating; she is one of the most determined and thoughtful founders that I have come across. The work she has done with ChuLo is fascinating, as a founder not only does she understand her product but she understands the people she is talking to. 

As a business they are walking their own path, whether its being early adopters in Twitch and TikTok or appearing on a BBC show Future Food Stars. Steph is someone who knows what needs to be done and will do it. 

This is absolutely worth your time. 

On this week’s pod we talk…

🎙Being captain of your own literal ship 

🎙Knowing your market 

🎙The power of TikTok 

🎙Vanity does not keep you in reality

If you want more information on ChuLo you can find their delicious drinks here… plus there handles on Instagram and TikTok are @Chu_Lo 

Additionally we talk here are some links to the following: 

Virgin start ups 

Gordan Ramsey Future Food Stars 

Twitch channel 

Guide to Twitch 

TikTok Shop 

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