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Season 2 Episode 3 It takes a village to raise a child, or a business……. Hannah Cox, Founder @ BetterNotStop

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Episode notes

On this episode of the The ABR Pod I talk to Hannah Cox, Founder of BetterNotStop and Better Business Network. 

Hannah founded BetterNotStop to help businesses increase their impact and income by implementing sustainable strategies, policies, and frameworks to help every business have the ability and opportunity to make the world better. 

Hannah is an eloquent, passionate, and engaging person that aims to be a force for good. Her approach to business, in my opinion, lives and breathes the view that it takes a village to raise a child.  

On this episode we talk about 

·        Why its good to know people at the epicentre of a pandemic 

·        What is a Sustainable impact agency 

·        Is it better to work towards, or for, #BCorp 

·        The power of #freemium

·        Being issue driven, rather than outcome dependent businesses 

·        The importance of knowing your neighbour 


If you want to know more about Hannah, or BetterNotStop, or the Better Business Network 

BetterNotStop website 

Better Business Network 

Hannahs LinkedIn 

BetterNotStop Twitter 

Also I’d recommend watching Hannah’s video on the “What Is The Better Business Day?” you find the video here