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Season 2 Episode 2 The Man who wants to help you….Paul Scully - Minister for Small Business

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Episode notes

In one of the snappier interviews for the ABR Pod (I only had a hot 30 minutes), I spoke with Paul Scully – the minister of many titles - Minister for London; and more importantly Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Small Business, Consumers and Labour Markets. 

 Essentially Paul is the MP responsible for driving the interest of small businesses across the UK. I am grateful he took the time out for this conversation. 


We get through a lot in the conversation and we talk about….


·        How we give confidence to business owners 

·        What BEIS can do and what it can’t 

·        Pauls plan for an Enterprise Strategy and how you can hop on 

·        Understanding the specifics and helping a broad base. 


I’m sure that due to the nature of politics some will question his intent, but I feel that he gives a fair and honest approach to what he is doing, can do and wants to do. 


If you want to find Paul he’s on the following:

·        LinkedIn 

·        Twitter

·        Instagram

You can find BEIS here

And find more details about the Help To Grow programme here