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Season 2 Episode 4 The power of pivot and process.... Justin Gilchrist, Founder & Head of Growth at Wellbox.

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Episode notes

On this episode of The ABR Pod I talk to Justin Gilchrist, Founder & Head of Growth at Wellbox. 

Justin is a self-confessed business, food and psychology nerd with a passion for using maths and technology to solve everyday problems.

Wellbox is a covid baby and its mission is to look after the people that companies care about. They use technology to help businesses send curated gifts, branded merchandise and wellness packages to remote employees, event attendees, clients, and work-from-home staff.
Justin is a deep thinker that understates just how incredible his mind is, he is a logical and practical man that doesn’t get blinded by an over produced front end. Rather, he sees the value in good, well thought out ideas that stretch and are valid. 
In this episode we talk about 

•How Covid leaves an indelible mark on your business 
•How to pivot 
•The founder’s relationship & love for 
•How SaaS is like the wizard of Oz 
•Magpie syndrome 

If you want to know more about Wellbox you can find them here or Justin can be contacted via his LinkedIn account here