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EP120: Reclaiming Power and Purpose After Trauma with Susan

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Susan Omilian is an attorney, author and motivational speaker who has helped hundreds of women over the last forty years reclaim their lives after abuse. In 1970s, she founded a rape crisis center and in 1980s represented battered women in divorce proceedings. In 1990s, she litigated sex discrimination cases and trained employers about how to stop sexual harassment in the workplace. With the death of her nineteen-year-old niece Maggie killed in 1999 by her ex-boyfriend, Susan vowed to help others move forward after abuse as Maggie could not. Since 2001, Susan has facilitated her free, now virtual, My Avenging Angel WorkshopsTM based on the idea that “living well is the best revenge” to help women take the journey from victim to survivor to “thriver.” The Seven Steps Thriver Zone Motivational Model she developed in her workshops is now included in her Thriver Zone trilogy of books and novels. As a nationally recognized expert on process of recovery after abuse, Susan frequently speaks about her work with survivors, service providers, therapists and victim advocates including those working with Indian tribes, in the military and before male and female in mate audiences. For fifteen years, Susan also facilitated groups with male domestic violence offenders.

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Susan's book:
Awaken: The Awakening of the Human Spirit on a Healing Journey by Susan:
Emerge: The Opening of the Human Heart to the Power of Love by Susan:
Thrive: The Journey of the Human Soul to Discover a Life of Purpose by Susan:

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Unbound: My Story of Liberation and the Birth of the Me Too Movement by: Tarana Burke:

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