The IT Pro Podcast / SPECIAL EDITION: The building-blocks of sustainable security

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Episode notes

Since lockdowns came into effect, businesses across the country have been scrambling to institute remote working infrastructure to support employees - but while speed has understandably been a focus, security should not be neglected. In this IT Pro Podcast Special Edition, brought to you in association with RSA Security, we look at how businesses can use the current situation as an opportunity to establish a culture of safe, secure and sustainable remote working within their organisation.

We spoke to Just Eat CISO Kevin Fielder and RSA’s director of digital risk solutions Angel Grant to examine the cultural, technological and mindset shifts required to support this move, as well as how embracing sustainable remote working can be a true business accelerator, rather than a box-ticking exercise. For more information on how you can prepare your business for secure long-term remote working, download our special report: