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Sensory Processing: Kim Griffin, occupational therapist

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Episode notes

This week, I chat with Kim Griffin, an occupational therapist who is currently based in Australia. Kim has been working with pupils with SEN for almost 20 years and is on a mission to help teachers and educators understand the ‘why’ behind the way children behave when they have sensory processing difficulties.

In this episode, Kim shares:

  • How choice can have an impact on the way children with sensory processing issues behave.
  • Why it is important educators understand how sensory processing can affect behaviour.
  • Why she is so passionate about educators learning more about sensory processing.


If you’d like to find out more about Kim and her work, you can visit:


Kim also shared some texts that anyone who wishes to learn more about sensory processing may be interested in reading:

  • Sensory Processing Challenges – Effective Clinical Work with Kids and Teens by Lindsey Biel (2014)
  • Sensational Kids by Lucy Miller (2014)
  • 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers - Sensory Processing by Kim Griffin (2020)
  • For Parents: The Everything Parent’s Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder by Terri Mauro (2014)

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