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TLP #16 : Campaigning to change the culture - Ashani Weeraratna

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Episode notes

This week, we talk with Ashani Weeraratna about her inspiring path from apartheid South Africa to director, professor and activist.

  • Ashi cites good advice that she remembers “ read voraciously … and be engaged with the literature”
  • She insists that mentoring is all about the trainees and hearing their individual needs
  • Ashi believes that diversity of thought needs diversity of population and stresses the importance of welcoming different groups into the lab
  • For her, representation matters and it is key to achieving full equity
  • She also comments on the importance of the microenvironment (for cancer cells and for researchers)
  • She shares her thoughts about juggling a life in two cities
  • And she encourages us to remember that “the most important trait is kindness”
  • And Ashi concludes by telling us to enjoy the journey

She mentioned these institutions, people and resources

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“Is Cancer Inevitable?” by Ashi :

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