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TLP #17 : Brothers in arms : building a collective grant-writing community - Matthew Weitzman

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Episode notes

This week we have a surprise treat - a conversation with Jonathan’s twin brother, Matt. He discusses his energetic commitment to mentoring and grant-writing workshops. They share their genetics, but also a desire to “help scientists do better science”

  • Matthew comments on the usefulness of healthy competition in science
  • Matt compares the joy of running a lab to cooking in the kitchen
  • He loves the flexibility of science and constantly stimulated by interactions with colleagues and young scientists and new ideas
  • Matt makes a strong argument for peer-to-peer mentoring, cascade mentoring and seizing constant casual mentoring opportunities
  • He comments on the advantages of going to a small lab for graduate school and he advises students to look carefully at the type of scientific questions, the environment of the lab and the chemistry of the PI/mentor relationship
  • Matt describes his pioneering Grant Proposal Success (GPS) grant-writing program and the importance of collective, grant-writing communities. Matt dissects the grant structure and tells us what funding committees are looking for
  • He suggests that staggering projects and having work at different stages can help to integrate life and manage the lab
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