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TLP #21 : Find your own way - Ana-Maria Lennon-Dumenil

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Episode notes

This week, Ana-Maria Lennon-Dumenil tells us about her passion for science interfacing with physics and her journey from Santiago to Paris

  • Ana-Maria was inspired from a very young age by her namesake Ana-Maria Lenon
  • She quickly left genetics because ‘DNA doesn't move enough’
  • She stresses that every Principal Investigator needs to find their own way and warns against trying to imitate others
  • Ana-Maria feels that the biggest mistake is to think that everyone in the lab is like you (instead of appreciating how different they might be)
  • She stresses the need for optimized communication in the lab and the need to clearly articulate expectations
  • She learnt the hard way that ‘management is not natural’
  • Ana-Maria laughs about the fact that she was too short to be a chemist
  • She describes the challenges of finding a common language in interdisciplinary research collaborations
  • She also insists on the role of parents in giving confidence to girls at an early age to become scientists

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