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TLP #14 : How to get good at failing - Jen Heemstra

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Episode notes

In this episode, we step beyond the life sciences to talk with Jen Heemstra, a professor of chemistry who brings much energy to thinking about mentoring and improving academic culture

  • Jen tells us how early failures drove her to strive for success in science
  • She shares how she overcame early doubts about an academic career
  • She talks about how different students need different mentoring styles and how important it is to adjust each time
  • She admits that she is so excited about all her roles that she struggles with focusing and setting priorities
  • Great teams are made up of people with different perspectives and different ways of seeing the world - and they are a group of equals
  • Jen has a lot of thoughts about how to embrace failing and taking comfort from failures
  • She thinks it’s important to recognize cognitive distortions to overcome imposter syndrome narratives
  • Jen shares personal thoughts about her approach to self care practices and to improving academic culture for others
  • Don’t make your decisions based on other people’s expectations

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