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TLP #23 : Letting go of perfection - Elphege Nora

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Episode notes

This week, Elphege Nora shares personal thoughts on his journey from Paris to California

  • Elphege discovered at an early age that the best way to explain who we are is to look back at where we come from and our evolutionary trajectories
  • From his earliest research experiences, Elphege was intrigued about the sociology of the lab and it’s unusual social etiquette
  • He shares his memories of working with Edith Heard and what she taught him about mentoring
  • He claims that personality tests can be useful for understanding how to interact with colleagues and team members
  • Elphege recommends that it is good to present your work early at conferences in order to gain visibility and attract recruits
  • He shares thoughts about the different scientific approaches he has encountered in Europe and the United States
  • Elphege shares how his interaction with his (famous) father pushed his to think about the abstract and conceptual impacts of his work
  • He had to learn when it’s important to strive for perfection and when it is not
  • He stresses the importance of trust in mentoring relationships
  • He concludes ‘You need to understand what you're good at and what you suck at’

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