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TLP #22 : Interdisciplinary freedom as a recipe for success - Christophe Lavelle

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Episode notes

This week, Christophe Lavelle shares his double passion for science and for cooking

  • Christophe left engineering studies for the freedom of research science. And then he jumped from physics to biology for his PhD studies
  • He thinks science makes him a better cook and cites lots of specific examples
  • He describes his very free mentoring style and questions what makes a good mentor
  • He describes his chaotic ‘schizophrenic’’ interdisciplinary interests
  • What has to be done has to be well done - else don’t bother doing it
  • He tells us that the ‘wow’ in the lab is when you finally understand something, but the ’wow’ in the kitchen is when you don’t understand something.

He mentioned these institutions, researchers and resources

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