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TLP #12 : Science without frontiers - Edith Heard

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Episode notes

In this episode, we were honoured to kick-off Season 2 talking to Edith Heard about her journey to become the first woman to lead the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL).
She tells us about her early experiences of patients with diseases
Edith emphasizes the importance of doubt for a scientist
She says “mentoring is about caring” and mentions TLP guest Susan Gasser
She stresses the importance of changing environments (like taking a sabbatical) and stepping out of your comfort zone
She lays out her version for running a lab and encouraging collaboration
Edith tells us why she moved to the EMBL in Heidelberg - the challenges and the self-doubts
There is something magical about bringing researchers together from such different backgrounds and origins to serve European science
She gives us lots of insights that she has never shared before
She tells us about the importance of stepping out to disconnect and have time to think
Edith tries to put herself in other people’s position to become a better leader
And she shares how important her husband Vincent has been during their scientific journeys together

She mentioned these labs, institutions and scientists
University of Cambridge
Institut Curie
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
College de France
Susan Gasser
Mike Fried
David Spector
Christine Petit
Daniel Louvard
Vincent Colot

To find out more about Edith visit her website or follow her on Twitter (in French)
Edith Heard is a laureate of the 2020 For Women in Science Award

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