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TLP #25 : Excellence at the ERC - Maria Leptin

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Episode notes

This week, we talk to Maria Leptin about her path to the head of the European Research Council 

  • Maria claims she didn’t receive any formal mentoring advice, but rather absorbed and learnt along the way
  • Against the perceived wisdom, Maria warns against the advice to be continually networking. She advises to listen to what others say and then add your own thoughts.
  • Maria is sure that if you really enjoy the stuff you're doing, then you will do it well and you'll get something out of it.
  • She says that sabbatical breaks can be good to ‘put your brain to air a little bit’
  • She says the ERC aims to  select the very best researchers across Europe, across all disciplines, and allow them to make wonderful discoveries. 
  • To attract ERC funding, organizations or countries or regions need to create an environment where researchers are happy to work and have good conditions.
  • Maria makes a passionate plea for fundamental research and better access for science journalists
  • After a lie-in, Maria starts the day with a coffee and a cookie in the office
  • Maria likes our question “if you had $100 million or euros to spend in science, how would you spend it?” She uses it herself in interviews.

She mentioned these institutions and researchers

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