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What If Letting Go Is The Key with Asher

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As we navigate this thing called life, I find myself reflecting on the narratives that shape our very essence. My guest, Asher, a veteran with a history as rich as the military honors he's earned, joins me to share his enthralling journey from the  Army into the boundless universe of entrepreneurship and wisdom coaching. We unravel the threads of identity, metamorphosis, and the art of self-narration, all while sipping on the metaphorical tea of Time, Energy, and Attention.

The wisdom embedded within the written word has long been a vessel for personal expansion. Asher and I traverse the landscapes of thinking, writing, and speaking vocabularies, highlighting their pivotal roles in personal development. We delve into the transformative power of books across genres, from metaphysics to autobiographies, and discuss how harnessing the act of writing can distill our chaotic thought clouds into a focused beam of clarity. It's a conversation that empowers us to shape our realities with the stories we choose to tell ourselves and share with the world.

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Join in the conversation as we discuss the courage required to embrace multiple identities and expand beyond our comfort zones. From his leap from soldier to life coach to Asher's triumph over ADD and dyslexia, he shares the struggles and victories that come with finding and asserting one's voice.  

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