Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

How To Rediscover Your True Self with One Simple Routine

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When I peeled back the layers of my small-town dreamer persona, I unearthed a profound truth about the relentless grip of anxiety and how it shapes our lives. I've journeyed from the depths of imposter syndrome to the liberating landscapes of self-acceptance, and in this heartfelt exchange, I’ll take you through my transformative odyssey. Embrace the warmth of your favorite tea and settle in as I recount the pivotal moments that led me from the edge of mental exhaustion to the calm shores of Soma Breathwork. This episode isn't just my story—it's a beacon for anyone seeking solace from the storms of self-doubt.

This time, we venture beyond mere coping mechanisms into the realm of spiritual awakening. The power of controlled breathing, the clarity brought forth through meditation, and the cathartic release of sound baths; each practice a step on the staircase to emotional freedom and inner joy. With vulnerability as our compass, I reveal how journaling my thoughts cracked open the door to self-discovery, inviting you to unlock your own path to personal greatness. Let’s celebrate the milestones of growth together, discovering tranquility, love, and an invigorating sense of happiness on this shared journey.

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