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How To Embrace the Transformative Journey of Kundalini with Kris Batzner

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Join me and Kris on a journey into Kundalini yoga, where we discover how it helps us connect with our inner selves and brings people together. We dive into the deeper meaning of Kundalini yoga, showing it's more than just physical exercises—it's a way to find inner peace and connect with others.

In this episode, we talk about three main things:
1. the strong community bonds formed through yoga
2.  how Kundalini yoga helps us listen to our inner voice, and
3. how yoga can be a haven during tough times.

 I share my yoga story, from practicing with my mom to how it helped me after having a baby. Kris and I discuss how yoga can free us from the pressures of society, the importance of making yoga welcoming for everyone, and how yoga communities can help us feel less alone. Come with us to explore the wonderful world of yoga and the sense of togetherness it creates.

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