Thyme 4 Tea with Mikita

Celebrating Growth and Resilience

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Episode notes

Join me in raising our teacups as we celebrate the 3-year journey of 'Thym 4 Tea with Mikita'. In this special episode, I take a down-to-earth look at the personal growth and transformative experiences that have shaped our podcast.

Let's pay tribute to the incredible people who have supported and enriched our journey. This episode is not just about looking back, but about acknowledging the belief in ourselves and finding renewed purpose as we move forward. I'm excited to share candid insights into intentional living, family ties, and how this podcast has been a source of comfort in my battles with anxiety and perfectionism.

We'll dive into the significance of daily spiritual practices and the importance of accepting our imperfect selves. Together, we'll celebrate the milestones we've reached and look ahead to the exciting path that awaits. So, grab your cup and join me as we embrace the journey behind us and the adventures yet to come.

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