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Episode notes

As the Nations League returns to our screens the team give you the lowdown on all the key matches happening this weekend, and Gibraltar v San Marino.

We ask whether Jack Grealish fits into Gareth Southgate's system and if his versatility is a double edged sword?

Plus we opine on the first three episodes of All or Nothing  The Mourinho Show, The Athletic's James McNicholas tells us about Arsenal's latest signing and if there will be any more movement at the Emirates, and we learn about Michael Owen's IPA.

That and so much more. Here's what to expect


  • PART 1a - Intros in Welsh, Cliche, and Mancunian (01.30)
  • PART 1b - All or Nothing reflection (03.00)
  • PART 2a - England v Iceland preview - does Grealish fit the mould? (08.00)
  • PART 2b - Germany v Spain preview (17.00)
  • PART 2c - Sweden v France preview (20.30)
  • PART 2d - Denmark v Belgium preview (25.00)
  • PART 2e - Wales preview (29.00)
  • PART 2f - Gibraltar v San Marino preview (33.00)
  • PART 2g - Odds (36.40)
  • PART 3a - Pod plugs (39.00)
  • PART 3b - How van de Beek fits in at United (39.30)
  • PART 3c - Arsenal transfer news with James McNicholas (42.30)
  • PART 3d - Watford’s young upstarts (49.00)
  • PART 3e - Michael Owen’s IPA (50.10)

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