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How Leaders Create High-Trust Organizations

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Episode notes

Our guest, Bob Hurley, Professor Leading People and Organizations at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University (New York), talks about his theory of organizational capacity for trustworthiness, highlighting Unilever's approach to genetically modified foods, Bob Moore's employee ownership plan at Bob's Red Mill and how external pressures shape organizational adaptations, using examples like the global financial crisis and Mattel's product safety issues. He reviews BAE Systems' response to a bribery scandal and Salesforce's stakeholder engagement, emphasizing the importance of robust governance and competence in building trust. His comprehensive analysis offers insights into business ethics, leadership, the importance of governance and organizational behavior, focusing on the core aspects of trust in today's business environment. Hurley stresses the balance between short-term responses and long-term trust-building strategies, emphasizing the role of competent leadership in fostering a trustworthy organizational environment. This comprehensive discussion offers valuable insights into the evolution and management of trust in complex corporate settings.