Emotions, motivators and drivers: what matters most in marketing

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Episode notes

Today's show is a little different. It's not your standard interview style discussion, because today's guest is not our standard guest. He is an Emmy Award winner, an entrepreneur, inventor, and researcher. He's a master of advertising and marketing effectiveness. No-one has worked harder or been more effective at understanding the relationship between marketing effectiveness, emotions, motivations and drivers. And... he built it into a machine learning model.

So, what we're bringing you today is a first hand account from a pioneer in machine learning of how he built his AI, Bill Harvey. What do I mean by pioneer?

Well, Amazon got there in 1998 or 99, but today's guest built a machine learning recommendation engine that was embedded in cable tv boxes in 1997. Not too shabby, eh?

This year, McKinsey tells us that AI is at the top of CEO's agendas. As a CMO, you are probably all over gen AI and tools driven by machine learning too. That's why we thought you might want to hear this.

About Bill Harvey 

Innovator & inventor with 35+ years as thought leader in media research & key solution-provider to Fortune 500 brands. 

Breakthrough inventions include: 

  • The ADI/DMA 
  • Addressable commercials  
  • Passive Peoplemeters 
  • Planning/Purchasing media based on single-source Big Data matching (4 U.S. patents) 

Bill is the original discoverer of DriverTags™ the first proven scientific development of psychological attribute metatags for content (programs, movies, ads, etc.). RMT’s DriverTags™ have the highest predictivity of Nielsen ratings, series cancellations and renewals, and individual viewer likelihood of conversion to specific programs. Most recent work being presented at ARF shows an ability to lift ROI for brands by over +35%. 

Pioneer in New Media, set-top box data, advertising ROI optimization, measurement standards, privacy standards, & ARF Model for Evaluating Media. 

Key consultant in development of Personal People Meter (PPM) & ScanAmerica at Arbitron. Developed first automated Marketing Mix Modeling system for General Foods. 

Co-founder TiVo Research & Analytics (TRA), the first company to merge single-source & Big Data. First-named inventor on TRA’s three U.S. patents. 

Co-founder of Next Century Media & New Electronic Media Science, third-party research companies that serve more than 70 of top 100 advertisers, most major cable & satellite operators, networks, advertising agencies, & other market & media research companies. 

First to turn set-top box data into TV audience data that met media research standards, spearheaded writing of industry privacy principles for ANA, AAAA, & ARF’s CASIE joint task force. 

Held various executive positions at Arbitron (now Nielsen Audio), Interpublic, Grey Advertising, & OpenTV. 

Honored in 2014 by ARF as first recipient of Erwin Ephron Demystification Award, presented to leader with the “unique ability to communicate complex insights, lead organizations through challenging scenarios, & translate ideas into action.” 


Full show notes: Unicorny.co.uk  

LinkedIn: Bill Harvey | Dom Hawes  

Website: Bill Harvey Consulting 

Sponsor: Selbey Anderson  

Episode outline  

  • Introduction to Bill Harvey  
  • Importance of AI in Marketing   
  • The Role of Emotion and Context in Advertising   
  • The Start of Bill Harvey's Career   
  • The Development of DriverTags™  
  • AI-powered show recommendations   
  • Effectiveness of DriverTags™ 
  • Digital Advertising and Somacio   
  • Validation of Motivational Types   
  • Introduction to Canadian Market and Vividata Partnership   
  • Collaboration with AI Companies   
  • Addressable TV and Programmatic Advertising   
  • Application in B2B Marketing   
  • Impact of DriverTags™ in Advertising 

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