How to engage the early market: a dive into electronic vehicles

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Episode notes

We're going to change things up a little again in this episode. Since December, we've looked at marketing disruptive technologies in a few of our episodes, including two epic shows with the legendary Geoffrey Moore.

When we spoke to him about marketing to an early market, he told us about the need to educate.

Today we're going to dig into one company's campaign to educate the early market that is, electronic vehicles. We meet Neill Emmett former Head of Marketing at LeasePlan, a business that manages over 3.3 million vehicles across 44 countries.

What can you expect?

Cold hard facts, insights, takeaways and tips straight from the Unicorny's mouth. What really strikes me as Neil's story unfolds is how central research is to his decision making and planning. Research threads all the way through the various parts of his story, and although we won't dwell too much on it, listen for how he repurposes the analysis and results to drive internal communications, too.

Research. We all talk about it, but how many of us do enough? Be honest. Do you?

About Neill Emmett 

Neill Emmett – Former Head of Marketing – Leading the Charge Towards Sustainable Mobility 

With an impressive track record spanning over 24 years in marketing, Neill has been at the helm of LeasePlan UK's marketing team for six years and a member of the company’s Marketing Strategic Team, guiding the company's direction and campaign strategies. Neill also serves as a B2B Marketing Award Judge for the prestigious "Best Purpose Led Programme" in 2023. 

It’s moments of change when marketers really earn their spurs. For Neill, this was in 2021 when UK was emerging from the pandemic and the world woke up to the climate crisis – and when Electric Moments, a campaign focused on helping accelerate the switch to sustainable mobility was born. The campaign - designed to empower drivers to make informed decisions regarding electric vehicles, tackled issues head-on - creating free to access content resources, interactive tools and detailed ‘how to’ video content.  

Electric Moments has since earned nine prestigious industry awards, including accolades for Innovation, PR, Thought Leadership, Content, and Best Green Initiatives. The campaign's impact resonated globally, being shared across all LeasePlan entities. 

Neill’s unwavering dedication to sustainable mobility and his passion, creativity, and strategic vision are without doubt helping to deliver a brighter, greener future. 


Full show notes: Unicorny.co.uk  

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 Episode outline

  • Neil's Journey into Marketing  
  • Insight Behind the "Electric Moments" Campaign  
  • Tracking Adoption of Electric Vehicles  
  • Influencing Fleet Managers' Decisions  
  • Importance of Research in Decision Making  
  • Importance of Transparency in Marketing  
  • Benefits of Emotional Marketing  
  • Campaign Planning and Strategy  
  • Measuring Campaign Success  
  • Research-Based PR and Campaign Coverage  
  • Future of Marketing and Business  
  • The Impact of Market Trends and Cultural Shifts  
  • Niche Targeting and Purpose-Led Marketing  
  • AI and Marketing Opportunities  
  • The Power of Research in Decision Making  
  • Conclusion: The Importance of Research 

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