Innovation in action with Michelle Booth (part 2)

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Episode notes

This is part 2 of a two-part (plus bonus) episode in which we met the amazing Michelle Booth, a champion of marketing transformation who thrives leading teams that are agile and empowered.

We pick up her story, dealing with heartbreak at Bó, but illustrate how positive people often find new futures, even from an initiative that folds. It's a shame that such a successful product was shelved for reasons other than commercial traction.

We also get stuck into re-brands, impactful partnerships and more.

About Michelle

A creative business leader with a passion for building exceptional teams with a clear sense of purpose, Michelle Booth currently serves as the Head of Growth and Innovation for Mass Affluent and prior to that in a number of different roles at NatWest, most notably Head of Marketing Strategy and Innovation for NatWest leading the development of the Brand Platform Tomorrow Begins Today, NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford and Marketing Director For Bó, NatWest‘s venture to create a neo-bank challenger. 


Full show notes: Unicorny.co.uk  

LinkedIn: Michelle Booth | Dom Hawes  

Website: Lloyds Banking Group 

Sponsor: Selbey Anderson  

Episode outline

  • Introduction to Michelle Booth  
  • Transition from Bo to NatWest  
  • Momentum and Culture  
  • Marketing's Role in Business  
  • Impactful Partnerships  
  • Valuable Insights and Bonus Episode  
  • Michelle's Unique Background  
  • Understanding Market Orientation and Differentiation  
  • Leadership and Culture Change 

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