Way Out On The Wing

Episode 19, Season 2023

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Episode notes

✈️ Worm's flying solo, until Wildus storms in and back from the high life after securing the AFLs Coach of the Year award and legend status. But Worm keeps it local & tells all about his epic road trip to Oatlands for the ODFA Grand Final 🏆, and a huge weekend of junior finals galore at York Park.

Oh, and you won't believe the drama we uncovered 🕵️‍♂️: dodgy vote counting in the Old Scholars😮, a overflowing mailbox so huge it's like it's like Santa’s sack? 📬🥭 

Get ready to have your notions challenged as we push the boundaries and go "way out on the wing"! 🤯🎉 Join the ride—Worm and Wildus style! 🎧🎉✨